5 Amazing Travel Gadgets of 2019

Like many independent travelers, I’d rather pack light than lug tons of stuff around in an attempt to carry every convenience of home with me on the road when it comes to travel.

That said, there are some travel gadgets that are essential to just about every packing list. Besides your smartphone—which is a given for just about all of us—there are the 5 best travel gadgets that deserve inclusion in your carry-on.

1. NAUCRATES: Ride-On and Self-Follow Smart Luggage

NAUCRATES is the smart luggage that makes traveling easy - with features like self-following, obstacle avoidance, smart unlocking, a built-in battery, GPS tracking, and the ability to ride-on for up to 4.3 miles. 
This new luggage concept has all the bells and whistles: it follows you on its own, avoids obstacles, is strong enough to let you ride it, and has a secure fingerprint sensor with a TSA approved lock.

1. Tablet

Bringing a tablet as well as a phone had always seemed like just too much stuff to me—until newspaper and magazine apps started getting good. I used to leave home with more than five pounds of paper reading material, which I left behind for other potential readers in airplane seatback pockets, gate areas or hotel lobbies; now I download magazines and books to a tablet.

Fancii1. Cool Mist Personal Humidifier

For those who travel to areas with high elevation or who, like me, have experienced respiratory issues with dusty or dirty hotel air-conditioning units, it’s a good idea to pack a portable humidifier. The benefit of this particular device is that there’s no special water bottle required—simply twist on a regular plastic bottle and you’re good to go. The unit can be powered via a USB cord or by 3 AA batteries that will last up to 18 hours.

1. IDMIX USB Mini Lamp

The lampshade is made from European PC that has anti-allergic properties and even light dispersion, that’s exceptionally soft to the touch and environmentally friendly. Top-quality premium maple wood base imported from North American which is certified by FSC and PEFC.

EASY TO USE: press the top of the lamp softly (press it for 5 seconds while using for the first time) to turn it on, press again it will be powered off. Hold the base of the lamp, rotate the lampshade to the right direction slowly, the brightness of the lamp will brighten gradually. Rotate the lampshade to the left side slowly, the brightness of the lamp will dim gradually.

100 Hours of Continuous Light
On one single charge, the small mushroom night lamp with its 1600 mAh built-in battery, can stay on for 100 hours at the lowest brightness level.

1. Mr. Charger

The all-in-one portable power charger with cords and travel adaptor for your global travel.

Mr. Charger combines a wall charger with a portable battery, a built-in MFI Lightning cable, USB-C, and USB-A ports,  and includes 3 plug adapters. This makes Mr. Charger the perfect companion for traveling and business trips.
With using a 9 protocol safety system, to deliver the fastest charging speeds in a safe and risk-free way. Protecting you and your devices. In addition, it has unprecedented durability with V0 flammability standard materials.