FIDO Smart Lock
The safest and most minimalist smart
lock as Red Dot Design Award Winner.

4 Secure Methods
to Unlock

Smartphone APP / Fingerprint
/ Bluetooth / Badge

Extended Functionality Through

  • Control your door remotely
  • Recording lock's activity
  • Manage the unlocking permissions
  • Grant temporary access

For Airbnb Hosts,
Renters and Your Family

FIDO will respond to the APP and
you can always keep and manage the keys.

Waterproof and Rugged
for Outdoor Use

Keep your family and valuables secured,
regardless of the weather or environment.

Break&Hack Proof with
AES 128-bit Encryption

FIDO employs an encryption method
used by most governments and security
agencies around the world.

Advanced Alarm System

If the door is forced to open, the alarm
will be triggered instantaneously notifying
you through the FIDO App.

365 Days Battery Life

  • Low power consumption
  • 10 seconds to switch batteries
  • Low battery warning

Easy Installation

  • Cable free hardware
  • Easy 5 minutes installation
  • Left and right reversible handle

Door Compatibility

Fits any US standard door
Thickness between 33mm-56mm