Product Specification

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Naucrates World's first Ride-On and Self-Follow Smart Luggage

Ride-on For 4.3 Miles (7KM)

Bringing you a new experience of traveling and never afraid the long distance from gate to gate at the airport.

Self-Following & Free Your Hands

NAUCRATES can move with autonomy,avoid obstacles, follow you and never leave your sight.

Obastacle Avoidance

NAUCRATES can detect its environment and adjusts its own movement accordingly.

Intuitive Joystick Controls

Precise controls with an ergonomic and lightweight remote control.

Build-in Removable Battery (TSA Approved)

Conveniently remove the battery at any time,with an additional USB port to double as a power bank and charge your devices on the go.

All-Directional Reinforced Wheels

Thoroughly tested in different environments, the wheels are built with great emphasis on durability and shock absorption, ensuring a smooth ride.

Exceptional Durability

With great reinforcement engineering in its internal structure and strong outer casing, NAUCRATES is able to support a rider weighing up to 264.5 lbs (120kg).

Bluetooth Alert Within 10 Meters

NAUCRATES will set an alarm on your remote,letting you know if you’re more than 10 meters away from it.

Secure Unlocking Methods

Unlock with your fingerprint and TSA approved lock

Product Specification

Check Out Helpful FAQ Here